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Enigma Mushroom Strain: The best and most Potent

The enigma mushroom strain is a mutant form of the Psilocybe Cubensis mushroom species. This mutant form is a cross of the B+ mushroom strain and the Penis Envy mushroom strain. Basically they have been isolated a couple of times, however every enigma mushroom grown are same clone culture. Enigma mushroom strain can flush multiple times and can take on multiple fruiting phenotypes ( Fins, blobs, fingers, coral). It can only be propagated by cloning and they do not produce spores.

Enigma Cubensis

Furthermore this unusual mushroom mutant form, never actually grows into our conventional mushrooms. During its fruiting process, it pins but this pins never grows caps like regular mushroom. They just get bigger and then they join together making a large blob mass. Often this mass have some sort of blue coloring on them and are dense


There are two methods of stocking this mushrooms for a long shelf life

1). Drying : This mass can be dried as regular mushrooms.

2). Putting in Honey: This method is very suitable for it

The Potency of Enigma Mushroom Strain

Like other mushrooms, factors such as the growing conditions and the environment play a role with their potency. As experience varies per individual so dose the potency vary from one grow to the other. The potency can be high as 9.3mg per G to as low as 1.3mg per G, all based on the grower conditions.

Statistics from the latest 2022 Hyphae Cup, rates Enigma mushrooms strains as one of the most potent mushrooms strains containing psilocybin per gram compared to other lab-tested mushroom strains. This report states valuable insights into the specific potency of many strains, including three different Enigma mushrooms. 

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