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About Us


We are a group of young enthusiasts who are out to blow the whistle on the magical healing powers of Psychedelics and all its other advantages by making this healing drugs available to everyone.


A large number of the population is passing through severe problems ( PTSD, end of life anxiety, and more). Members of our staff have also suffered same situation, that’s why  we came together to use this negative experiences to help people suffering.

We wish to share this experience with everyone out there, to let them know there’s help. It can stop, their condition is no different.

We will try our best to help anyone in need through therapy and top quality organic psychedelic products. All our products have been tested and verified by competent authorities ( certified clinicians and experienced shamans).


Our Facebook page is still under construction. Once its up and runing, we will update it.


Our Twitter account has been duplicated, we are doing our best to resolve the issue. we are update our followers once its all sorted.


We are still looking into creating a youtube account. we are still doing research to see our profitable it will be.

Our story


     Our mission is to bring the best quality Organic Psychedelic medicine to people in need. From our many years of experience and research, we know that getting psychedelic medication is not ease. Knowing the difference in the quality and what to get  for a particular issue is also very complicated.
   That’s why we at Trippy Today we’ve decided to put resources together to make sure adequate care is given  to every client. We have a very rich staff who draws from their many years of research, service and their personal experiences to give an accurate diagnostic and prescription.  Most importantly we do our very best so everyone who comes to us has warm and comforting experience. Our lines are always open to everyone for any problem whatsoever.

Open chat
Hello +1(707)-677-8722 text me here
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