the difference between penis envy mushrooms and golden teacher mushrooms

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PE6 mushrooms

golden teachers are a strain of mushrooms that are typically  identifiable by their golden color around the cap of the mushroom with a distinctly golden glow.  golden teachers seem more mild that’s because they are typically lower in potency compared to penis envy and they’re also reported as to literally have more of a nurturing vibe. PE6 mushrooms

Penis envy mushrooms are named such because of their striking resemblance to penises. penis envy was a term coined by sigmund freud back in the day and one of the grandfathers of psychology. he basically said that women, daughters secretly crave to be more like their fathers to gain access for them to bond with them and connect with them deeper. he believed that women literally had penis envy whether or not that theory is true that’s where the name penis envy comes from for these mushrooms. PE6 mushrooms

penis envy mushrooms are sometimes twice or three times more potent than other strains and golden teachers specifically. when you think of you know low dose versus high dose in terms of potent strains of magic mushroom experiences, golden teacher is low dose penis envy is high dose. psilocybin mushrooms are a type of which have hundreds of different species within them. that’s meaning psilocybin cubensis, psilocybin Cyanescence and many many others. the most important thing to know is that psilocybin mushrooms are mushrooms which contain the hallucinogenic substances ( psilocybin silocin baocystein and norbiosystem).

difference between a strain and a species of mushroom ( golden teacher mushrooms)

a strain is different from a specie, a distinct genetic grouping of organisms that can be produced together to form a species. a strain is a subgrouping that refers to a specific phenotype or morphology within a species.  all species are genetically distinct but strains within a species have the same genetic code some genes though are more active than others which produces slight differences in how they look or feel.  for example humans are a species even though they are different strains essentially of the same species they can intermingle they just have slightly differing phenotypes and the same is true for mushrooms, essentially there are lots of mushrooms that are bred together (for example golden teachers can sometimes be bred with penis envies to create their own hybrids) .

Characteristics/ Differnces

  1. There are six key differences that make strains unique and the first feature we’re going to be looking at is mushroom size. simply put some mushrooms are bigger than others, it doesn’t make them better or worse. it just is some strains just have a higher affinity for going into bigger mushrooms but some are more likely to produce smaller or stubby ones.
  2.  Another difference can be in the color of the cap. so some mushroom cap colors are golden, some are blue, some are purplish and some are white.
  3.  Another key difference that makes strains unique are gill production, you’ll see with most types of mushrooms that they have gills underneath and these skills have their own special function in mushroom morphology but essentially some strains like penis envy barely produce any exposed gills at all.
  4. Another key difference is flush vitality. flush vitality basically means life so for example when you’re playing a video game you have multiple lives sometimes. same with mushrooms multiple flushes makes multiple lives or rounds of that same strain.  most strains will survive long enough to survive around three to four flushes but some have the vitality to continue pushing out mushrooms for 10 flushes or more.
  5. The fifth key difference that makes strains unique are colonization speed. the colonization time will vary slightly among different strains of mushrooms. some strains though will fully colonize spawn jars up to 20 faster. some strains simply colonize speedier than others . PE6 mushrooms
  6.  the sixth key difference that makes strains unique are resistance to infection .  I’ve had this experience when i got a paul stamets growing kit but the biggest cause of failure when growing magic mushrooms is contamination.  some strains are simply more susceptible to mold and bacteria than others. basically all the strains known are active at roughly the same dose and the qualitative effects are virtually identical. so it doesn’t really matter at the end of the day if you have a better trip on one gram of golden teachers or on one gram of penis envy or whatever you could be controlling for. all factors are even then you could have a  completely different trip. for example you could be taking a gram of golden teachers in your bedroom at exactly 4:10 p.m. on a Wednesday, you could even go back in time and do that exact same thing and it could be a completely different experience. This is that because mindset is a factor that can seldom be controlled in the psychedelic experience and that obviously includes magic mushrooms. PE6 mushrooms

If you’re thinking to yourself oh maybe i can control my trip better by knowing  the strain and being so precise about what dosage. a research on the different bail systems and species and strains. i have recently encountered bloom and labs, this right here is their liquid psilocybin microdose tincture dropper.

product contains ( buy psilocybin) 

if you don’t know about bloom and labs their pure liquid psilocybin extract is perfectly formulated to deliver a full spectrum microdose to all users. one milliliter equals 0.125 grams organic dose with 0.5 milligrams of pure psilocybin, the total volume contains 15 milligrams of pure psilocybin which is 3.75 grams of organic equivalent. the directions with this dropper is to ingest and dose every third day, put in any desired drink and shake well before using the ingredients in their liquid psilocybin dropper. are they’re liquid psilocybin have an extraction water grain alcohol and it’s recommended that you store this in a dry or cool place or in a refrigerator.  the warning always is that this product contains psilocybin and is intended to be used with the guidance of a physician or healthcare professional. keep out of reach of children and pets and the psilocybin must be consumed by someone over 19 years of age. bloom labs makes this product, they also make a bunch of other amazing things like tea . i can definitely say without a doubt that bloom labs is a company that i trust and i want to make sure that anybody who’s thinking of experimenting with psychedelics just go to a trustworthy product source not to somewhere shady where they could be risking their lives . PE6 mushrooms

brief 101 on magic mushroom strains

a little brief 101 class on magic mushroom strains you can categorize.  a strain notably by the look of it, which has a pale yellow cap but a heavy spore production.  essentially the qualitative differences between strains are very minuscule . some people will say that you know due to the fact that the actual rate of silicon. Different strains vary, that actually isn’t going to contribute much to your journey but at the end of the day the differences in potency between strains really accounts for a lot in the trip. i would have to say it actually doesn’t, i definitely can vouch for the fact. i’ve done at least 10 mushroom magic mushroom journeys in my life not like 20 or 50 um over the past eight years and i can definitely say from my experience that i’m not too particular about the strain at this point in time i’ve done one gram mushroom experiences five gram mushroom experiences 10 gram mushroom experiences and that can be summarized here in this video um but essentially i wouldn’t feel the need to get too nitpicky about the strains and say definitely this one is the best one however there is an interesting note here about strains in which common strains you’ll typically find you know sometimes you’ll buy a tea or buy mushrooms off a friend and they won’t know the strain and you won’t know the strain.

Similarities ( golden teacher mushrooms )

There’s typically five that are the most common at least in the us and canada that i’ve found, those are golden teachers. number one then penis envy then blue meanies then amazonian and then hawaiian. blue meanies are a psilocybe . there’s known to be two types more potent than any other psilocybe cubensis strain. amazonian magic mushrooms are thick fleshy and they have become one of the most sought  after strains. hawaiian magic mushrooms are also representative of the psilocybe cubenzes species and you can identify them with their dense golden wide caps averagely thick white stock and medium height, it is a highly potent strain. a disclaimer here also is that magic mushrooms are illegal in many countries .

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