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Introspection into DMT(the spirit molecule): The best medication on known to man

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        DMT goes by many names Dimitri, fantasia, businessman’s trip, spirit molecule or N,N- dimethyltryptamine to be formal.

        Dmt is a drug which creates vivid hallucinations in which people embark on cosmic voyages or meet strange beings called machine elves. It’s illegal in many countries including the UK, Australia, USA and its often compared to a much shorter version of an LSD trip.

      It is also frequently referred to as the “spirit molecule” because it is purported to have the ability to simulate death. There is some scientific support for this idea, so it might not be as crazy as it first seems. where to buy dmt

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Chemically dmt is 12 carbon C atoms,16 hydrogens H and a couple of nitrogen N. Arranged in two rings and a tail. Its a clear white crystalline powder on a molecular level in its purest form.

It’s very similar to the neurotransmitter serotonin, the so-called pleasure chemical which means it can act on serotonin receptors in the brain. Dmt can be chemically produced and is present naturally everywhere.

It was in some south American (mimosa hostillis) plants that humans first came across its hallucinogenic properties. It grows in the shrub psychotria viridis which has been used for hundreds of years in ceremonies.

As one of the potential ingredients of a special tea called ayahuasca which means vine of the spirits. The problem with drinking dmt to meet these spirits, is that the body can easily break it down .

Enzymes called monoamine oxidizers or maos rip it to bits in the stomach and convert it into smaller compounds. which ultimately result in harmless urination, preventing the dmt from having any chance of reaching the brain. Dmt for sale

The spirit molecule

However in humanity’s thousand-year quest to get high we have developed a few workarounds including snorting or smoking dmt. This redirects metabolism to a less effective channel, allowing it to reach the brain before it is degraded.

In the south American rituals another plant in the mix essentially activates dmt and allows it to reach the brain.Ayahuasca also contains a vine called banisteriopsis carpi and this plant contains an moa inhibitor which reduces the body’s ability to break down the dmt .

Research carried out by chemist steven cesara who was the first to biochemically categorize dmt in the 1950s. His research which included self-administration suggested dmt could cause psychosis but also that it could be a useful therapeutic.

Legends run abound people who take dmt have reported feeling completely detached from their sense of self. Others report going on astral adventures, hallucinating wild geometric patterns and meeting alien beings called machine elves.

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        These sensations are so strong and so common that it’s led to a number of people believing. They are actually visiting a real parallel universe or communing with a genuine otherworldly life form .

       Most researchers feel dmt is a valuable tool for researching human consciousness and especially near-death experiences (ndes).  Scientists in london have given people dmt and compared their experiences to those of people who’ve had a near-death experience.

        Many of the things that repeatedly crop up like meeting intelligent beings feelings of comfort seem to line up really nicely.

           This may mean that dmt could be a useful tool to research near death experiences  without actually having to nearly kill people. Some have hypothesized that as we pass away, dmt may actually be produced by our brains, but is this true?

          Dmt has been discovered in the blood, urine, and cerebrospinal fluid of humans as well as in the brains of rats. Without a doubt, it exists in our brains.

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There’s a theory that the pineal gland or third eye could release it under the right conditions but scientists doubt it could produce anywhere near enough the levels to induce a hallucinogenic effect .

The rat study also seemed to cast further doubt on this hypothesis as similar levels were found in the animals after surgery to remove the pineal gland and returning to near-death experiences . 

             Some common elements seem to be missing from the dmt experience like traveling through a tunnel and experiencing past memories. With mixed results and small sample sizes this remains an idea but as is so often the case we need some more research .

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Research has shown the potential therapeutic benefits of dmt . It suggested ayahuasca may be useful in helping people recover from addiction to other drugs. Another suggested it could be beneficial in handling trauma due to its tendency to allow people objectively view their thoughts.

Additional research indicates that the medicine may be a factor in the emergence of mental health problems. In vulnerable people and even causes death in a few cases . dmt for sale.

What’s clear is that dmt where to buy, can have a profound and long-lasting effect on your mind. Which is why both scientists and every user are both trying to use it to  understand the grand mysteries of human consciousness.

how to make dmt

Things you’re going to need is 100 grams of mimosa hostilis root bark, 450 to 500 milliliters of water. You will mix the water with your 100 grams of root bark (the water could be filtered or deionized) .

Add three quarters of a cup of white vinegar to the water and mimosa root bark . Now we also have 100 grams of sodium hydroxide .

We’ll use that after, once we get this mixture of root bark, water and vinegar all warmed up.  Turn on your induction cooktop and set the temperature there to 4.0. This is only slightly over medium heat. Just give it around 25 to 30 minutes to do its thing.

Now add the 100 grams of sodium hydroxide and be careful because this does create a violent reaction between the two extreme phs.

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All should be added gradually, then stirred until well combined and dissolved. Now take all the contents from our pot and pour it into the flask with the funnel. Being careful not to drip any mimosa root bark mixture anywhere because this will stain clothing and or furniture.

Now using the funnel add some water up into the 1000 milliliter mark of the flask. This is to give a balance of one liter of material in the flask. This is also cooling down the mixture so you can be able to safely add fuel. Add fuel to the mixture and immediately you’ll notice.

It doesn’t want to mix with the dmt, water, vinegar and sodium hydroxide mix. This going to help us when it comes to separating and pulling off the fuel and keeping it separate.

Shake the mixture up for a few seconds and then  apply it to low to medium heat  and let it separate. Know when shaking and applying the fuel to the mixture that  this is going to increase pressure in the bottle.

So make sure that you have a bottle that either has a rubber stopper.  That you can vent the lid or a screw off top that you can also unscrew it and vent off some pressure now.

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