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Ayahuasca The Ultimate Standards Of Psychedelics Medication: The Key To Living The Best Live

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r/ayahuascaretreats - Plant medicine ceremonies uk
Ayahuasca where to buy

Many questions are being asked regularly on, ayahuasca where to buy. Is psychedelic assisted therapy open to everyone, where to buy psychedelics medication, Ayahuasca and its health advantages and psychedelic medications as a whole . We will concentrate in this chapter on Ayahuasca and its health benefits.

Ayahuasca is itself another example of Amazonian science as we all know it. The active ingredient of Ayahuasca is DMT (dimethyltryptamine) but dimethyltryptamine is not normally accessible through the stomach. We have to smoke DMT or vape DMT to get that rocket ship to the other side of reality. The journey lasts 10 -12 minutes not much more than that and sometimes, its quite a lot less. What Ayahuasca does is it makes DMT available through the belly. The reason it’s not available through the stomach is because of an enzyme called monoamine oxidase which switches off DMT on contact.

Ayahuasca where to Buy

The Ayahuasca Vine which is one of the two ingredients of the Ayahuasca Brew the other ingredient is leaves that contain DMT. The Ayahuasca Vine contains a monoamine oxidase inhibitor which switches off the enzyme in the stomach and allows the DMT to be accessed orally. Which produces a rather different Journey from the smoked or Vaped DMT trip. It’s a much longer journey, it’s 4 or 5 hours.

It allows you to interrelate with the strange landscapes in which you find yourself amongst entities. No claims about the reality status of those entities is being made or proposed. Whereas there’s fact that people who work with DMT and Ayahuasca do encounter what they construe to be entities. These entities communicate with them intelligently.

Somebody in the Amazon, out of a hundred and fifty thousand different species of the plants and trees. Selected two that are not psychoactive on their own. However when put together create an extraordinary Visionary brew.


r/ayahuascaretreats - Plant medicine ceremonies uk
     Ayahuasca means the vine of the dead . In Southern American religious and spiritual thinking, it's connected to what happens to us when we die. The Tucano who are

an Amazonian people who work regularly with Ayahuasca. The Tucano people give a teaspoon full of Ayahuasca to a newborn infant. They feel Ayahuasca is so important that there is a hidden realm around us which we are not normally aware of and we need to be aware of it. In their Tucano people Ayahuasca Journeys, their shamans experience visions. Then come back to an alert normal problem-solving State of Consciousness, they will paint and depict their visions.

The intriguing part is that, theres quite a number of the Tucano paintings of the other world, of the after life. Realm of the entrance to the other world. All this works are geometrical and they look exactly like the geoglyphs.

Was geoglyphs part of a system of spiritual ideas concerning what happens to us after death and what we need to do in this life to ensure a beneficial outcome?

Mind Altering states

Oddly enough that same system of ideas is found in the Mississippi Valley in the Amazon. It involves particularly the belief that, the Ayahuasca Journey takes you to the afterlife realm and a journey along the Milky Way. In the Mississippi Valley particularly Moundville in Alabama, exactly the same system of religious idea is associated with geometrical constructions. They believe and this is being very specific, that on death the soul ascends to the constellation of Orion. Transits from the constellation of Orion to the Milky Way, makes a journey along the Milky Way which they call the path of Souls. It encounters challenges and ordeals where the soul must account for the life that it has lived.

In Egypt we find the same system of ideas, the soul must rise up to the constellation of Orion. There’s a narrow shaft cut through the southern side of the Great Pyramid of Giza which targets directly the lowest of the three stars of Orion’s belt. Widely accepted as a star Shaft or a soul shaft. The soul would rise up through that shaft, get to the constellation of Orion which stands by the banks of the Milky Way. It would then transit to the Milky Way which the ancient Egyptians called the winding Waterway. And it would make a journey along the Milky Way where it would be confronted by challenges and ordeals.

All this are very similar ideas to the Tucano and Mississippi Valley believes. As far as we know, none of these cultures were in contact with one another. Either we’re dealing with a huge unbelievable extraordinarily detailed coincidence involving architecture and ideas. Or we’re looking at the Legacy that was inherited in all of these different places from a remote common ancestor.

An interesting question here to ask is whether Visionary substances are the only way to get into Altered States of consciousness. Of course there are Visionary substances which are used in Native American Vision quests. such as Peyote.

r/ayahuascaretreats - Plant medicine ceremonies uk

The amazing fact of a peyote experience is that, it doesn’t overpower you in the way that DMT or Ayahuasca does. It’s much gentler, it’s much more how you feel, much more integrated and connected with with nature. Your thought processes are quite, clear, its a very beautiful and healing experience. The ceremonies in themselves have a very strong effect on you. There’s about 40 people in a small hurt with specific simple tasks assigned to each person, a large fire. Quite night with animals, inserts and bird noises all around. Just the atmosphere can induce an altered state of conciousness.

Native Americans had a number of advanced Tech Technologies in this area. The sun dance doesn’t use a substance but it uses severity. It uses pain to drive an altered state of consciousness

It’s not the only state of consciousness available to human beings and maybe that’s one of the big mistakes that we’re making in our culture. Which was not made in shamanistic societies, the big mistakes we’re making in our culture.

One of the problems we have is our inability to connect with each other or to recognize that we’re all sharing the space and time together. Instead wanting to uphold our own religious or ideological ideas as being the only one way to get going.

One of the sites at the Takiwasi Center in Perú. (Photo courtesy of Takiwasi Center)

One key find on these psychedelic experiences, is it really makes ideologies seem if not Preposterous at the very least, insignificant in comparison to human experiences. The experience of friendship and love is what’s important. It’s really about not enforcing your ideas or pushing them on people and forcing people to behave same but instead love. Ayahuasca where to buy at Trippy Today for organic products (tea) bottled, with fast and secure delivery worldwide.

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