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The Magic Of Psychedelic Assisted Therapy: Insights By Dr. Andrew Huberman

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Just this last week Stanford magazine put out an issue of buy dmt on its cover and inside there’s a feature article about psychedelics. It was essentially a guide to psychedelics. Its not telling you how to do them but it explains what is ketamine. They broadly define psychedelics, the classic psychedelics (Psilocybin, Mescaline, buy dmt, LSD, Ketamine, MDMA). They include the chemical structures, how they’re used, the history, clinical trials happening now, known benefits. Considerations and risks for all of those drugs.


I was positively shocked because 3-5 years ago certainly ten years ago a conversation like this would have been the conversation that would have ended careers. As a university professor my understanding is that thanks to the incredible work of the group Maps. And a number of specific laboratories, Matthew Johnsons laboratory, Robin Carder, Harris laboratory, Rollin Griffiths laboratory. And thanks to the philanthropy organized by you ( Tim Ferris) . Also thanks to the public education efforts of people like Michael Pollan and others. We are moving very quickly towards legalization of MDMA as administered by either psychiatrist and or licensed clinical psychologist in the us.


Psilocybin probably a longer road but I’m positive that we’ll get there. Why am I framing it this way well I’ll just be very direct. I tried psilocybin recreationally a few times, didn’t get much out of it. I’m not shy about the fact that i did three of the maps appropriate physician guided sessions for trauma using mdma.

I’ve found it immensely beneficial. I’m happy to talk about how each one of those sessions was different, again this was with a physician as part of a study. In discussions with Nolan Williams, this incredibly impressive colleague of mine , that the safety profiles on things like mdma, where to buy LSD,Ketamine, are actually quite high.

For a very long time i knew that mdma was neurotoxic, what made me think that way. Well a paper publishing science magazine looking at toxicity of mdma, observing its neurotoxic effects. Turns out they were working on methamphetamine instead of MDMA. Except that never made the major headlines. Then you look at the data on Psilocybin and here im just going to hit the high points because its not my work. Its the work of Matthew Johnson and of Robin Carnart Harris at UCSF.

Intractable depression, people who are suicidally depressed, nothing else works (therapy doesn’t work, Antidepressants don’t work, tms ( Transcranial magnetic stimulation) doesn’t work). Do 2 high doses, its 25 milligrams of psilocybin that has to be translated for grams of mushrooms. Its roughly like 25 to 30 milligram of psilocybin. Synthetic psilocybin will be equivalent to Terence Mckenna’s heroic dose of five grams. I mean you’re you’re getting enough for escape velocity.

Research Works

In upwards of 60 maybe 70 percent of these patients that take that are getting substantial and ongoing relief. That’s an amazing result so much so that the big pharma has moved in. And is trying to create non-psychedelic psychedelics to extract the benefits of these drugs that don’t induce hallucinations. Instead of raising interesting questions about whether or not the experience under psychedelics is really the trigger for the antidepressant effect.

MDMA assisted Therapy


I also learned essential that there are two components,

01 You have to be in the eye mask observing things in your external environment. The whole time seems to bypass some of the introspective slash antidepressant effects. What’s interesting, its not just about what you see, what you hear out there. Its really about going inward, this kind of trust. Its also important to standardize for trials. You cant have people looking at all sorts of different stuff.

02 The other thing i learned recently is that music seems to be a key component. They’ve never teased out music, no music but having music that starts as he described it in the distance. Drums and pacing or some kind of approaching music then instrumentals which raise peoples emotional state. While they’re in the eye mask and then some transition period out. This seems to be a critical component of all this and guiding some of the kind of funneling towards deep emotional introspection.

I find this incredibly interesting and again i would have not felt safe talking about this, keep in mind a year or two ago. keep in mind that in the late 60s early 70s there were professors at Harvard and Stanford mainly, who got fired. Or at least asked to leave for having discussions on psychedelics. Now Stanford magazine itself is printing this. Buy Dmt.

We raise revenue for research for exciting work and we have a donor that’s very generous to do a match for that money. Were giving money only to studies working on humans not animal studies. Two of the major errors that were supporting are the sorts of work that nolans lab is doing. Nolan in particular to combine transcranial magnetic stimulation with psychedelics.


When we look back in five years 10 years,100 years.

There’s going to be a small subset of individuals for whom the transition of psychedelics. From these like niche communities, hippie communities, carpet flyers. Everything from devils weed craziness. To true truly effective compounds for treating psychiatric illness. There’s going to be a great few names on that list, there’s gonna be a small subset of people that are going to be there.

listen research takes money, it takes focus, it takes a bravery and it takes the willingness to take something that has been looked at as just as drugs and turn it into something that’s therapeutically meaningful. What we’re trying to do is raise some dollars through our premium channel to pump into research studies.

What i see happening now is that soon

MDMA for trauma is going to be available to the countless numbers of people out there that have trauma. I don’t mean take mdma and have a great time. I mean people developing empathy for themselves. People really working through the barbed wire stuff of their past much of which they had no control over.
where to buy dmt

This will set this transgenerational thing that’s been going on for so long. I mean these compounds are going to bend the Arc of history in the right direction. If people out there are listening and saying okay well this is like recreational stuff and its very precarious. I do not know a single CEO or company founder. Were talking about people that kind of billionaire level. That are hyper creative and hyper functional in their life. Every single one of them already knows this is true, because they’ve all done this stuff already ( Psychedelics Assisted therapy).

i don’t put psychedelic drugs ( buy dmt) in the category of drugs and here im lumping mdma. Provided its done with a licensed physician or clinician who can guide you. Buy DMT has been immensely beneficial for me and large population of people out there who have had the courage to try it.

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