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Iboga: A key actor in the fight against addiction

Bwiti is a spiritual practice that forest-dwelling tribes of west africa have been observing for untold period. At the center of this practice is the iboga root ( buy ibogaine). A plant indigenous to West Africa with powerful psychoactive effects which can last for days. Initiates are believed to commune with the dead and it is believed to heal many ailments. Many locals consider this ancient practice witchcraft today. However westerners have been increasingly drawn to bwiti and the mysterious iboga plant to cure a widespread modern affliction.

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buy ibogaine Many believe that this ancient psychedelic root is the key to curing addiction. There’s no other compound that will stop somebody from physically withdrawing on opiates. Scientist are rigorously testing this hypothesis. Biotech companies are creating analogues of buy ibogaine. The primary component of the plant and pushing for FDA approval to help curb the disastrous effects of the opioid epidemic. If successful this mysterious compound could have the power to heal millions while seriously disrupting the multi-billion dollar opioid market.

In the us alone over 81000 drug overdose deaths occur between 2019 and 2020. As more data comes in that number is expected to be higher and the CDC estimates that overdoses will get to a very high figure in the next couple year. The situation couldn’t be more urgent and addicts are increasingly turning to iboga after trying everything else to kick their habits. Usually they hear it from word of mouth and they have to travel abroad since the substance remains illegal in the united states. To buy ibogaine hcl contact trippy today


Underground cottage industries have formed in all corners of the world where iboga is not regulated. Mr Levi Barker has embraced the bwiti traditions and now runs a shamanistic healing center in costa Rica called iboga wellness. A former addict himself he knows the power of the plant first-hand.

  • What exactly do we know about ibogaine and how it works?

Just as with the original Bwiti rituals, the detox process last for days and involves a carefully crafted setting as patients ingest the iboga seeds. Its a long process especially when you’re dealing with opiate addicts. Its at least a three to six-day process for them.

The difference between iboga and ibogaine:

Ibogaine is the major active constituent of the tabernanthe iboga plant. The plant itself contains a number of different psychoactive compounds and ibogaine as the most well-known of those.

Brief History of Iboga

This was first discovered by Howard Lotsof in the 1960s who had a long history of addiction to heroin. He visited Western Africa looking for potential ways to treat his affliction. He ended up going through an iboga ceremony with the native people. There and found himself cured of his heroin addiction. He brought that knowledge back to the west and popularized it.

As soon as it was popularized, it was labeled dangerous with no medical use. It got pulled in with all the other psychoactive compounds into the Schedule 1 classification. At that time despite the fact that there’s no real history of abuse of buy ibogaine for recreational purposes. In fact the ibogaine trip is not really a recreational experience at all. The drugs legal status is only one of its hurdles. There are also some serious safety concerns including its high toxicity levels and a tendency to induce cardiac arrhythmias. Which in rare circumstances have resulted in death.

Ibogaine blocks a ion channel in the heart called the herg channel and blocking this ion channel can cause whats called QT prolongation. The part of the heart rhythm gets elongated and that has led to some deaths under the sort of uncontrolled circumstances in which its used .We think that ibogaine for sale itself under a more controlled setting with proper EKG monitoring could be safe enough already to use.

Ibogaine Hcl

For many people desperate to kick their addiction they’re already willing to take that risk. In recent years clinics have seen a surge in clients looking for help with more than just opioid addiction. They get people who come with sarious addictions, such as over-eating, some people have sex or porn addictions. People get addicted to thinking in the past or they grew up with different belief systems that just filters their whole worldview. We suppy iboga seeds at trippy today

This is really where science hits a blind spot since no large clinical trials have taken place yet with ibogaine. Theres certainly a large amount of anecdotal data to support its efficacy. Those small trials and anecdotes support it being extremely efficacious. Not just in opioid addiction but also in alcoholism, psychostimulant, addiction etc. However its yet to be tested in a serious trial with hundreds of patients and appropriate controls.

There’s this study published in December of 2020, its a non-toxic ibogaine analogue that separates the psychoactive effects from the anti-addictive properties. It was successfully tested on rodents which is a long way from being tested on humans.

Do you think there’s,

a need for the psychoactive element for this drug to properly work or can we just extract these molecules separate them and take what we need?

The big question to answer

The big question to answer, not just in ibogaine research but in psychedelic research across the board .Whether the higher level cognitive experience of a hallucinogenic transformative experience is what drives the efficacy. Or if its simply underlying neurobiological changes that were not really aware of at the conscious level . Probably its possible that both things are important.

One might be aware of this transformative psychedelic experience while you’re on the drug but behind the scenes there may also be a resetting of your reward circuitry and that sets on nerve root factors in the nucleus accumbens or the ventral tegmental area. That actually physically reset some of the bad connectivity that has developed as the result of an addictive history. Buy ibogaine hcl at trippy today at very affordable prices.

Its not really understood the neurobiological underpinnings of human consciousness. Trying to unravel that mystery is sort of also unraveling the mystery of what makes us human. That mystery is not scaring away investors who not only firmly believe in ibogaines efficacy but aim to cut into the profits that big pharma has reaped for years off of opioid addiction.

The addiction industry in the US is a 42 Billion dollar market and that market is expected to grow to about 54 billion by 2025.

The growing size of the opioid use disorder market is what’s actually incited a lot of the psychedelic biotechs to address this gap in the market. The substance is understudied and it remains a schedule 1 drug.

There’s no doubt that when it comes to the psychedelics that are currently at the forefront of research that ibogaine is amongst . Whats also happened over the last 5-7 years is there has been a phenomenal amount of research done with new chemical entities that have de-risked it drastically. If its something that’s de-risked in a very big way and yet is incredibly efficacious. To fight these cravings and addictive qualities that a lot are suffering from thats immense progress.

  • how do you get Psychedelic substance de-scheduled and scaled out to treat diseases.

If we can actually show the efficacy rates with very low toxicity and very little harm. It will naturally get through the required clinical stages. There’s a believe that the DEA will ultimately have to take it off the Schedule 1 abuse list .

  • There are concerns about losing the Bwitis original shamanistic intent of iboga seeds with that sort of modern medical approach?

The indigenous communities around the world are to be thanked for, they’ve shown these medicines, ibogaine in particular. However you know what was more to be uncovered. Research will help uncover more about psychedelics and buy ibogaine.

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