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The DMT Research: New light

Human beings on the quest to understand ourselves ( dmt vape) scientifically. We know so much from the form to the organs, cells, molecules, atoms, waves and more. Yet every new discovery teaches us one immutable and persistent lesson, we know very little of ourselves. Our reality, our potentials especially the mysterious psychedelic compound dmt.

DMT or dimethyltryptamine is a molecule produced within the human brain that is also known to be the most potent psychedelic substance in the world. Groundbreaking research has recently taken place, let’s explore where it all started. German pharmacologist Otto Louis was the first to discover neuronal communication based on chemical release. He also discovered the first neurotransmitter acetylcholine since then the classical neurotransmitters were established such as serotonin which regulates mood and perception. Dopamine which plays a role in how we feel pleasure and is a big part of how we think and plan.

In 1931 a canadian chemist named richard manske synthesized an unsuspecting chemical that had been used for visionary and spiritual purposes for thousands of years. In june of 1965 German researchers Franzen and gross discovered and quantified dmt in human blood and urine. in 1972 savadra and axelrod demonstrated biosynthesis of dmt in mammalian tissues. throughout the 1960s scientists attempted to find a link between endogenous dmt and psychotic disorders. however the results of these studies proved inconclusive. then due to the controlled substances act of 1970 all research in all countries on all psychedelic compounds stopped.

In the year 2000 dr strasman published his findings in the book dmt the spirit molecule this book brought the topic of dmt to a mainstream audience outside of strict scientific circles. dr strasman named dmt the spirit molecule based on the consistent reports of realer than real spiritual experiences from high dose administration.

A decade later in 2010 the book became a documentary hosted by comedian and podcaster joe rogan catapulting the discussion of dmt in ayahuasca onto an even bigger global stage reaching tens of millions of viewers. . in his book dr strasman hypothesized that the pineal gland a gland long associated with mysticism in eastern traditions is the source of dmt in the brain. but in 2013 dr gmo borjigan led a study at the university of michigan which finally proved that the pineal gland produces dmt and put all the speculation to rest. this study further increased the interest of dmt and pop culture.

but there was still speculation that we might only produce this mysterious compound at select moments of life . some of which only occur in a fraction of the population. they’ve proven that their pineal gland is producing dimethyltryptamine which is what they’ve always it’s always been anecdotal evidence so now they know that it’s not just produced by the liver and the lungs but it’s also produced by this little gland and this little gland they think during near-death experiences and during heavy rem sleep it’s producing dmt dmt is ubiquitous in the natural world it’s found in hundreds if not thousands of plants ones that are used for their psychoactivity and ones that aren’t then found in every mammal that’s been studied i i don’t think you know dmt would have gotten anywhere near as popular during the first wave of clinical research if it weren’t for the fact that it was endogenous

As the public continued to show their interest in dmt with increasing internet searches dmt began to hit the mainstream music scene and not . comedians began spreading the word about the experience dmt is like hey you know all of this reality and perception that you are super familiar with and very convinced is real well sorry about this zip everyone all of a sudden wanted to know what in the world is dmt and why do we produce this otherworldly compound in our brains give people dmt and they all came back with the same story i was blasted out of my consciousness what exactly does an lsd or dmt breakthrough feel like .dmt vape

even the lesser understood compound 5meo dmt began hitting popular internet shows touting its mystical experience of oneness with creation. lesser known still is the fact that this compound too is found within humans just as the popularity of the dmt discussion seemed to be reaching its peak. it happened former heavyweight champion mike tyson decided to take the 5mu dmt plunge. after tyson made his 5-meo dmt use public in 2019 the interest in dmt reached an all-time high. that same year a groundbreaking discovery out of the university of michigan regarding endogenous dmt was published. it should have garnered global media headlines across the world based on the fact that it radically altered everything we knew about endogenous dnt .

lead author for the paper is a young scientist straight out of youngstown ohio dr john dean.coming to realize that there’s this compound that’s floating around in humans. that’s relatively understudied that is one of the most powerful psychedelics there is. . dmt was always believed to be produced in such trace amounts that its presence was inconsequential to human consciousness. however the 2019 publication spearheaded by john dean and gmo boardigan turned this whole scientific belief on its head.

r/DMT - Used A.I. to generate “a complete map of the DMT realm” just for funsies
A.I generated map of the DMT realm

there are three groundbreaking discoveries to this 2019 paper that john published .the first was in regards to just how much dmt is actually produced in the mammalian brain. we actually put a probe directly into the brain of a living rat we would directly sample the the brain fluid the dialysis if you will from these animals and then we would run these on an analytical chemistry technique called high performance liquid chromatography and then we compared dmt and serotonin and in that regard what we found was in my opinion the the heart of the study the dmt was actually in animal concentrations in the range of serotonin. the significance of dmt being found at levels comparable to serotonin is found in just how vital serotonin is for everyday life. from sleeping eating and digestion to bone health and wound health it’s a natural mood stabilizer. low levels of serotonin are associated with depression anxiety and insomnia .while people with normal levels report feeling happier calmer and more focused.

dmt is also found in comparable levels to dopamine which is released when the brain expects a reward. and in normal amounts helps with alertness motivation focus happiness and feelings of euphoria. so why is dmt swimming around in mammalian brains at levels comparable to serotonin and dopamine.

if it is correct that dmt mediates our sense of reality then is reality itself a partial hallucination or could dmt be even more functional to our everyday waking consciousness than just psychedelic experiences. dmt vape

Maybe we’re in a simulation right now yeah yeah seriously remember like

the strongest argument for the for us being in a simulation probably being an simulation i think is the following. forty forty years ago we had pong like two rectangles and a dot that was what games were . now forty years later we have photorealistic 3d simulations with millions of people playing simultaneously and it’s getting better every year and soon we’ll have you know virtual reality of augmented reality if you assume any rate of improvement at all then the games will become indistinguishable from reality we should hope that that’s true because otherwise if if civilization stops advancing. then that may be due to some calamitous event that erases civilization

simulation theory is nothing new as it is presently more of a hypothesis some scientists have linked their understanding of it directly with dmt as being the key to unlock the matrix. measuring dmt or even serotonin and dopamine directly is difficult .therefore basic neurochemistry relies heavily on measuring the capacity for biosynthesis of these chemicals via the enzymes that produce them. enzymes are built from folded proteins that allow the body to convert raw materials from the environment into chemicals that the body uses to function. in order for the team at the university of michigan to understand dmt synthesis they first began looking at the enzymes inmt and aadc that bring the amino acid tryptophan all the way to dmt. and this is what sparked the second groundbreaking discovery in the 2019 paper. just where inside the brain are the dmt enzymes found.

the two enzymes which are responsible for dmt synthesis occur in the same nerve cell which is the final or the next to the final step in you know definitively saying dmt is synthesized in the mammalian brain.

dr dean found expression levels of both enzymes in the pineal gland choroid plexus and throughout the cerebral cortex we found very high expression of the dmt biosynthetic genes in that area where the cerebral spinal fluid is made

cerebral spinal fluid or csf is a colorless liquid produced inside the ventricles of the choroid plexus in order to supply nervous system tissue with nutrients protect the brain from trauma and carry away metabolic waste we talked to one of the world’s leading cerebrospinal fluid researchers dr mauro zapaterra a medical doctor who also received his phd from harvard university focusing on the significance of csf in brain development.

another hypothesis is that breathing exercises can induce an increase in dmt in the brain causing the visionary experiences that many have claimed are very similar to psychedelics. . while visionary experiences induced by breathing exercises have been reported for thousands of years there’s a man from holland who has recently taken this concept to a whole new level. dmt vape

wim hof is a dutchman who holds 26 guinness world records for superhuman feats that defied the science of its day. his breath practice has transformed millions of lives across the world. we now know through research that respirations are actually being shown to affect cerebrospinal fluid movement. .human beings are capable of anything that sounds mystical and that is mystical because we have to learn to shut up and get into the depth of the brain where neurology meets the purpose of life .what is dmt and what is the significance of dmt in our lives.

it’s not definitively proven that breath work can produce an increase in endogenous dmt but barely anyone believed humans could control their immune or autonomic nervous system until whim proved it in a study published in the prestigious journal proceedings of the national academy of sciences. and wim was making those claims decades before the science caught up.

i am interested deeply interested into the dmt exploration through scientific validation because it’s there to create

nick glenos is one of the newest additions to gmo borjigan’s lab in michigan raised with an independent and slightly rebellious side his time in panama studying botany gave way to an interest in psychedelics and their beneficial altered states drew him to endogenous dmt. psilocybin and lsd and mdma and all these other psychoactive compounds that people are studying are extremely interesting and extremely powerful but none of them are produced naturally by the body so dmt gives us this opportunity to look at a naturally produced compound that may be affecting consciousness in a way that we don’t know yet and to use that to make a bridge or a link to the subject subjective experiences that are being elicited by some of these breath work practices even from personal experience i i know that certain types of breathing can have a profound impact on physiological processes that are happening in the body.

and whether or not that plays a role in anything related to dmt or phytomeodmt i can’t really say at this time but i would suspect that some sort of modulation of the monoamine neurotransmitter system is happening i haven’t do

the question that’s on many people’s minds is does the intense breath work of the wim hof technique lead to an increase in endogenous dmt .does that altered state allow whims visualization to affect his biology in profound ways. dmt vape

r/DMT - ’Come and See’

similar to the studies of psychedelics showing significant improvements in anxiety depression and addiction hundreds of thousands of people have reported similar benefits by using the wim hof method .begging the question of whether the wim hof method induces similar brain activity to that of psychedelics. one consistent observation from psychedelic eeg studies is they all seem to increase gamma activity in the brain. there are four common brain wave signatures delta with dreamless sleep, theta with deep relaxation, alpha with a non-thinking calm and beta with normal waking consciousness.

however the less common gamma waves are associated with peak concentration and high level cognitive tasks .gamma is also seen in deep meditation and the zone one enters when engaging in a sophisticated mind-body activity in .2015 a scientific paper published data indicating that dmt and 5meo dmt reliably increased gamma activity in volunteers. in 2020 researcher enzo tagliazucci published a study also showing that dmt increased gamma activity and that gamma power increases correlated with subjective reports of mystical type experiences.

in our quest to verify whether there could be eeg overlap between exogenous dmt and the wim hof method we decided to do a small test run at an eeg clinic in san jose california . dmt vape

when dr rick strassman experimented with administering sub-psychedelic levels of dmt vape to volunteers they too reported a sense of euphoria.

so i just

if the wim hof method increases gamma wave activity this may be a telltale sign that the breath technique up regulates endogenous dmt production.

gamma waves move back and forth from the brain stem to the prefrontal cortex roughly 40 times a second.

allowing for otherwise unconscious processing to be brought to conscious awareness. this may be the reason why psychedelic states, wim hof breathing experiences as well as meditation all correlate with high level processing and flow states of consciousness. all of which are accompanied by increased gamma wave activity. as the hunt for a biological counterpart to the altered states brought on by breathwork continues. it must be noted that in near-death circumstances where respiration stops psychedelic states are still reported. this leads us to the third and final groundbreaking discovery of john dean’s 2019 publication. in the lab cardiac arrest was induced on rodent models and the brain measurement results were astounding. a 600 percent increase in dmt in the visual cortex was observed .could this be an explanation for the incredibly visual and psychedelic-like experiences people report after a near-death experience.

what could explain such powerful experiences with such graphic visual representations that carried so much personal meaning

i think it was a moment that i was somehow being given a choice dmt pens is also neural protective and that’s probably the real function of it. when an animal has cardiac arrest the levels of dmt go up 600 percent not to provide a light show necessarily. it’s to protect the neurons from dying from lack of oxygen. dmt vape

as these experiences often make profound lessons quite simple. understanding the science of endogenous dmt vape is anything but.

something upwards of 20 of people that have cardiac arrest report a near-death experience an altered state of consciousness so there has to be a biological correlate to that there just has to be does dmt factor into that i think it’s reasonable um i don’t think it’s a silver bullet necessarily the brain is very complicated the fact that we found it in the visual cortex and it’s a highly visual experience um exogenously administered when people take the mt it would point to maybe that there’s there’s something there’s some involvement and and perception of vision visual percepts i do think it’s interesting that it was in the visual cortex for instance because there are so many reports of people who undergo near-death experiences who see uh extreme bright lights or who even have very visual representations of a life review for instance where is that visual interpretation coming from

the rodents that were studied under cardiac arrest in 2013 showed a spike in gamma wave oscillations that were highly coherent exceeding levels found even during the conscious waking state.

Post image

john chavez the founder of the dmt pens quest project met with john dean in michigan and dug deep on how to firmly establish whether or not gamma wave activity and endogenous dmt are in any way correlated.

on the quest to uncover the role of endogenous dmt an unfinished study out of louisiana state university may paint a completely different picture on how psychedelic compounds operate in the brain

something that stephen barker did several years ago he’s a researcher at lsu he’s been a big name in dmt research for the last several decades they did a sort of a pilot study that never got published and they showed that uh the levels of um dmt and 5 meo dmt were massively increased in animal brains after the administration of lsd

we’re basically trying to understand the mechanism of action of how psychedelics can bring about these increases in mental health these treatments for uh for a variety of different ailments. dmt vape


non-invasive research refers to the ability to measure brain levels of dmt without using needles probes or otherwise harming the subject it might also be able to show us whether or not breath work meditation and even dreaming is involved with endogenous dmt. giving us a much better understanding of the neurochemistry of altered states. as john gears up to leave the university of michigan the goals of everyone involved in endogenous dmt research is the same the field needs more funding. if we are to understand why the spirit molecule and the god molecule are floating around naturally inside us all

the importance of funding endogenous dmt studies is that it may provide a basis for all psychedelic ( dmt pens) research into which millions of dollars are funneled but it could also give us a better understanding of what modulates everyday waking reality of the neurochemistry of altered and mystical states what if dmt was the missing link between all religions what if the foundation of all spiritual experiences might have a basis in biology. could this help bring humanity together. if we could understand just how wim hof is capable of achieving the unbelievable perhaps the protocols of human optimization are just around the corner. what if this really is a simulation an endogenous dmt was the key. would the task before us be any different than what the yogis sages and mystics called the process of awakening. what if the rapid expansion of the human neocortex had more to do with endogenous dmt than we once believed. what if adaptation of our species to existential and environmental threats wasn’t a job for global politics but an internal responsibility of the collective .what if mental health and the voluntary changing of brain structures was just a few short years of research away, on the quest to scientifically understand being human we know so little about why the waves collect into atoms and beget molecules and build cells to become organs that make up the form of a species on the brink of an ocean of questions. the answer to this dmt quest is closer than you think ( dmt vape ).

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