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The All New Funky Republic Vape Flavors

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Funky Republic Vape flavors are the worlds first smart disposables vaping pods,they offer cutting edge vaping technology. The Funky Republic Ti7000 packs a huge 17millilitre vape juice capacity. It uses a USB-C rechargeable battery to provide up to 7000 puffs per vape and some air holes (kind of a flattened mouthpiece). The compact and delicious Funky Republic Fi3000 requires no charging and puffs out up to 3000 outstanding puffs. Each Funky Republic vape flavor also has a LED power screen (indicator little led screen) that tracks e-Liquid content of the device and the battery life with quack technology.

Funky Republic vape

The funky republic vape flavors Ti 7000 and Fi3000 disposables, these funky vapes are made by the brand elf bar. I’ve got multiple flavors, the California cherry, the cantaloupe apple and much more. Funky republic the cantaloupe apple smells just like honeydew, a little silicone piece and chunky. They are pretty big when compared to normal elf bar or the elf bar ultra, these are actually pretty massive.

The specifications: These are 7 000 puffs hence the name Ti 7000. They’ve got 17 milliliters of juice ,a bit 600 milliamp battery that is rechargeable with that usbc port, an e-liquid and a power screen display for the battery as well.

Cantaloupe Apple Cheers Vape

The cantaloupe apple cheers, Its got some flavor to it. A sweet flavor definitely like a honeydew .with an apple like after taste on the tongue. When you hit it, the display screen pops up show you details. This ones definitely sweet, kind of just what you prefer though some people dont like it. There are a wide variety of funky republic vape flavors available on the market. Place your order at any Trippy Today online stores for fast, reliable and secure deliveries.

funky vape near me

The California cherry is really good and more refreshing. Its got some mild iciness to it as well, its pretty much just like that white cherry slushies. That white cherry icy its like semi-sweet, like a 6.5 or 7 on the sweetness scale.

all in all i would say if you dont mind the chunkiness of the vape because its pretty big and pretty thick as well and you like a tighter draw. You cant overdose with t Funky vape republic vape flavors because it does have the juice level indicator, with the battery percentage indicator.

The flavor is amazing off these, if you’re a fan of the elf bar ultras, i think these are worth a try. These Funky vape republic vape flavors definitely didn’t disappoint. Because these are pretty advanced especially for a disposable.

Here are some Flavor characteristics of the most popular Funky Republic Vapes

1). TROPICAL ISLAND : Give you the feeling of vaping outdoors, very nice and fresh

2). WATERMELON ICE : The classic mix of watermelons and ice with a lush taste and has a menthol flavor.

3). BLUE RAZZ ICE : This is a blend of tart blue raspberries and bone-chilling menthol.

4). PEACH MANGO WATERMELON :Here’s a blend that combines 3 delicious fruits, peaches, tropical mangoes, and watermelons. The flavor is something to behold.

5). TROPICAL RAINBOW : This vape;s flavor is a mixture of a couple of the best fruits of the tropics, they are a secret recipe which offers the state of the art flavor of all vape flavors.

6). RAINBOW CLOUDZ : A mixture of candy and fruits for a mind blowing flavor

7). CALIFORNIA CHERRY : This delicious cherry-flavored vape with an inresistable flavor which recreats the taste of mouthwatering cherries.

8). CANTALOUPE APPLE : The mixing of cantaloupe and apples with a smooth and enjoyable taste, one of the best and most sort.

9). PASSION FRUIT KIWI LIME : A concoction of passion fruits, kiwis, and limes, making for an extraordinary taste.

10). PEACH PIE, 11). PINEAPPLE COCONUT ICE, 12). INK BOMB, 13). POMELO PEAR GRAPE, 14). SUPER BERRY, 15). STRAWBERRY BANANA : An impressive taste, mouthwatering flavor .An amazing mixture of red strawberries and fresh bananas, giving a deja vu experience.

N.B : All the above vapes contain Nicotine with strength equal to 50MG and type : SALT NICOTINE

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