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5 meo dmt also known as the God molecule. Its a psychoactive substance of the tryptamine family. It can be gotten from several plants species and in one toad species yet, the Sonara Desert toad ( Bufo Alvarius). Its an overwhelming mystical experience, which can be very terrifying yet humbling at the end. Its like nothing you’ve ever tried before, feels like dying, takes you on a journey which feels nothing like N,N-DMT.

Its the strongest psychedelic substance known to man. Most of the dmt 5 meo  sold is a synthetic version. This is due to the high demand of the toad venom. The Sonora Desert toad is a rare specie and the high demand for it makes it even more rare due to it being haunted.


experience intense potency with 5-meo-dmt. the most powerful psychedelic you can buy. this product has a short-term duration and induces fascinating life changing states of conciousness that are sure to stay with you for years if not for a lifetime. Whether its your first time or hundredth time trying psychedelics, 5meodmt is always an experience like no other, thus the name the God Molecule cuz theres nothing like it.

Buy 5-Meo-Dmt today and get ready to embark on the journey of your life

 Toad venom Production of  5 Meo DMT

Points to not about buy 5-meo-dmt

Psychedelics are the catalyze to spiritual enlightening and dmt 5 meo  is the most powerful of all psychedelic medications. Lets analyze this compound, cause there’s talk about it not being natural.

5 meo dmt comes it two forms, a natural and synthetic form;

  1. The Natural form: This form is gotten from the venom of the Bufo Alvarius Toad aka Colorado river toad. Its found only around the Sonoran Desert in the United states. This toads spend only 2 months on land and 10 months in hibernation. The venom needs to be collected from  the back skin of the toad, dried then it can be smoked. It can not be licked off the back of the toad.  This toads are almost in extinction due to the high demand of people wanting to buy 5 meo dmt.
  2. The Synthetic form: This is a substance which is created in a laboratory. There are two version of synthetic 5 meo dmt. The Hcl form which needs to be snorted and the freebase form which needs to be smoked. Its very important not to inter-change which version has to be smoked or snorted. Both have slightly different effects, when smoked (freebase) it hits extremely hard and very fast within 10-20 sec. The total duration when smoked lasts about 10-15mins, 20mins at most. When snorted (HCL) it takes about 5-10 mins for it to kick-in, comes gradually and the trip lasts longer 30-40mins. It has same power and effect but comes on gradually than when smoked and the total duration of the trip last longer.

Due to the high potency of 5 meo dmt, its recommended to measure it carefully before consumption.


For freebasing (smoking), the dosages need to be slightly low cause it hits hard and fast : 10mgs starting dose, 15mg for average dose and 20-25mgs are high doses.

For HCL version (snorting), you can take a little more than when freebasing: 20mgs for starting dose, 25mg for average dose and 30mgs as breakthrough dose.


What can happen on dmt 5 meo

If you overdose, you go unconscious for the period of the trip, about 25-35mins. When you wake up you will have no idea what happened. you will have some memory of when it hit, Sometimes you can experience trauma, seizures and  heart problems after an overdose or bad trip.


what they do to survive ?

They Toad which produces buy 5 meo dmt ,spends up to 9 months or more underground dormant. Once the rain starts hitting the ground, its an auditory signal for the toads to come up and start mating.  They have a window of less than three months to eat and procreate. Before they have to go back under. Before the rain water dries out again.

Bufo alvarius possesses a powerful defense against predators. When bitten the toad secretes a milky white fluid from its paratoid glands. That can poison its attacker making them extremely ill and sometimes causing cardiac arrest. While the psychedelic buffet has been detected in dozens of toad specie. Bufo alvarius toad is the only amphibian known to biosynthesize its own methyl homologue 5meo dmt. The toads neck and limbs carry numerous protuberant glands marked by pores. Through which venom is excreted from subcutaneous lobules that contain the enzyme responsible for biosynthetic conversion of buffotinium to 5-meo dmt.

In addition to the production of other tryptamines and cardiotoxic steroids. When the toad secretions are dried and smoked. It produces a psychedelic effect so profound that it can cause complete dissociation from consensus reality. Despite its extraordinary potency the drug is generally benign when used with supervision .but its tendency to cause dissociation and mixture with meo inhibitors has resulted in at least three deaths from drowning or aspiration of vomit.

why might someone even begin using this in the first place? where would someone get that idea? I think that’s what they call a psychonaut

Research Works

Recently, buy  5-MeO-DMT interest has increased in understanding the clinical applications of psychedelic, entactogenic, and dissociative psychoactive drugs, such as psilocybin (1), DMT (2), LSD (3), MDMA (4), or ketamine (5) in combination with psychotherapeutic support to promote improved mental health conditions. These data suggest that 5-MeO-DMT produces mystical experiences with comparative intensity. As seen with psilocybin, has a significantly shorter duration of effect—between 10 and 45 min .Depending on the route of administration used and produces increased desired effects. When the context of the experience is carefully curated.

“5-MeO-DMT is a natural psychedelic product found in the secretions of the Bufo  Alvarius Toad.

So it is with no little relief that I present to you The Truffle Hunters.5-MeO-DMT

It probably won’t win Best Picture or anything like that, but I reckon it should be top of the Documentary pile or even shine in Foreign Language film category (to be retitled at this year’s Oscars as International Feature Film). But finding this beautiful, thoughtful, charming and pungent little film has been one of the joys of the film-watching year so far.5 meo dmt for sale

It’s a documentary about the age-old art of truffle hunting, set near the town of Alba in Italy’s north-western Piedmont region (fly to Turin and head south) and featuring mainly octogenarian men and their dogs. Buy 5-MeO-DMT

American documentary makers and photographers Michael Dweck and Gregory Kershaw teamed up to gain access to this arcane and secret world and the result is as charming as it is profound and complex.

Alba is, of course, famous for fungi. There are three-star Michelin restaurants, luxury hotels converted from monasteries and castles, and an annual truffle fair that attracts thousands of tourists, and a truffle auction where the elusive tubers attract thousands of dollars from restaurants around the world. But this film digs deeper to come up with something more resonant, more magical.

Buy 5 meo dmt

“It’s like a fairytale land of castles and forests,” recalls Michael Dweck of the first time he saw Alba and the Langhe hills region around it. “But it has a special feeling you can’t put your finger on and it’s that feeling I wanted to capture on film, to find out where it comes from.”

From deep in the mulchy, autumnal soil is the honest answer. It’s the same soil that gives Italy its delicate Nebbiolo grape. Base for the magnificent red wines of Barolo, Barbaresco and Dolcetto and the famous white Gavi.

Taking over three years to immerse themselves in the local community, the film makers had to hunt out the titular truffle hunters and gain their trust to get them on camera. Consequently, the film plays out like an Italian thriller, with elements of Godfather-style codes and secrecy, shot with the artistic sensibility of Old Master paintings and a touch of cinematic neorealism.

5 meo DMT for sale

For example, an old man is being lunched by a younger man who asks if he can come on a hunt with him, if he can be shown the spots where he finds his truffles. “You have no children, no family to pass on your knowledge,” says the eager apprentice, pouring another glass of wine. “I have a dog and I can learn these things to keep the tradition alive.”


  • Fun Facts

Always start with a low does, however a low dose will scare you more than a high dose. low doses show you what is to come. Its preferable to always do 5 meo dmt in a safe setting, a place where your comfortable and calm. Never do it in public where there are to many people, you wouldn’t get the most out of the experience.

Its also very important that you fully relax yourself and give into the experience, dont try to fight it. It will take you to places where you don’t want to go , just let it in to posses you and go with the follow. Fighting it causes you to against the for of the God’s molecule’s will and that’s where the magic happens. Trying to fight or resist trip gives you a bad experience or a bad trip. Its also very important to give yourself time to integrate the experience. You need to take time to understand what happened, what you saw and what all that means. You cant rush into it again without first understanding or interpreting what each trip shows you.

Its always good to take 5-meo-dmt at least once or twice a week. Its not addictive however it can cause psychological dependence cause we tend to psychologically attach to things we love or which give us a high sense of being.


dmt 5 meo makes taking regular psychedelics (shrooms, mdma, lsd, dmt) experiences very intense . After a 5 meo dmt trip, you get an epic feeling of everything, you senses work to 100% capacity to almost all other psychoactive drugs.


Does 5 meo dmt causes enlightenment

There’s a theory which states that, it can.  If used repeated in conjunction with meditation, self inquiry and personal development over an extended period of time, your peak experiences will dissolve your ego and will get you to the state of permanent enlightenment.

Research is still on going  in the scientific community, they feel all this is just a myth. I believe clinical trails are going to verify this claims however as a psychonaut and a psychedelic enthusiast, i know and believe that  buy 5 meo dmt  is the true gold which everyone needs to raise their consciousness.





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