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The Back Ground History Of Psilocybin Mushrooms 🍄

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Over the past few years a new wave of scientific research into psilocybin mushrooms has produced some truly amazing findings. Studies after study have been demonstrating that psilocybin has incredible potential in treating a broad range of mental illnesses. Buy Psilocybin

How long have humans been consuming psilocybin mushrooms?

In what ways did our ancestors use this substance and what can we learn from the traditions of the past?

There’s actually an entire field of study dedicated to this topic. Its called ethnomycology, which is the study of the historical uses and sociological impact of fungi. Ethnomycologists have uncovered some really incredible archaeological evidence that humans have been consuming psychedelic mushrooms. For many thousands of years all over the globe, for example one of the oldest representations of mushrooms was discovered in africa. In a cave paintings at tasili Algeria. These images are dated to between seven to nine thousand years old and depict several scenes involving mushrooms. Buy Psilocybin

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One image displays several figures holding up mushrooms in their right hands and we can see parallel dotted lines connecting each mushroom to the top of the figures heads. Possibly portraying the mushrooms as a source of knowledge. Another image a large masked figure is shown with mushrooms growing from its hands, forearms and thighs. Traveling over to Spain, the selva pascuala mural provides some of the earliest evidence of psychedelic mushroom use in Europe. This image was created about 6000 years ago and we can see what appear to be a row of mushrooms painted onto the rock. Which may indicate that these mushrooms were honored and regarded as extremely important.

psilocybin mushrooms APe mushrooms

Earliest depictions of mushrooms in ancient cultures

In Australia we find even older depictions of mushrooms and mushroom-like figures at the Bradshaw rock art dated to 10 000 bc. Which is more than twice the age of Stonehenge and here we can see what appear to be several figures with mushroom shaped heads. Traveling over to Siberia a region that’s home to the Amanita Mascaria mushroom. We find the Pegtamel petroglyphs estimated to be around 3000 years old. Where once again we can see several figures with mushroomed shaped heads which are similar in shape to the Bradshaw rock art. Buy Psilocybin

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Its interesting to note some of these similarities in the mushroom iconography from all over the world. Now all of this evidence can be somewhat controversial. Cause we can only take our best guess as to what these ancient artists really intended to communicate. However traveling to Mexico and Central America we can say with much greater certainty. That the use of psychoactive mushrooms was very prevalent in Mesoamerican societies for thousands of years. Archaeological evidence indicates that the ancient Olmec, Zapotec, Mayan and Aztec societies consumed hallucinogenic mushrooms. As a sacrament in their shamanic and religious ceremonies. For example in Guatemala they’ve discovered more than 200 of these so-called mushroom stones. Some dating back to around 3000 years ago. Buy Psilocybin

Researchers believe that ancient Mayan mushroom cults used this stones as part of their shamanic ritualist. The Aztecs also consumed mushrooms which they referred to as Teo Nanakatul. Which roughly translates to flesh of the gods . Indicating once again that this substance was revered and treated as extremely sacred and important. All throughout central America we discovered thousands of sculptures over the years featuring images of mushrooms. Which is evidence of continued ritualistic use of mushrooms over the span of many centuries.

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So after reviewing all of this evidence its interesting to note how far-reaching this ancient mushroom art is. It goes without saying that this brief history post hasnt even begun to scratch the surface. Yet already we’ve traveled to many corners of the globe, from Africa to Australia to Siberia to Mexico. In all accounts great importance was use in honoring mushrooms.

The use of psychedelics mushrooms for healing and transformation dates back to ancient times. As a result its likely that these psychedelic mushrooms have played a significant role in our collective social and cultural evolution as a species. Buy Psilocybin

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In fact the famous researcher and psychonaut Terence McKenna theorized in his Stoned Ape theory. That far ago psychedelic mushrooms may have served as a catalyst for the development of the human brain and higher cognitive functions.

Mushrooms have been a core part of the human experience for many thousands of years, this is part of our collective inheritance. Hence it invites reflection on the question of why are psilocybin mushrooms illegal in most modern societies across the globe. As we look towards the future of psilocybin and psychedelic assisted therapies. Especially at this juncture in human history its important than ever that we continue to reflect on our past. On our ancient roots and learn from the wisdom of our ancestors.

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