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Jack frost mushrooms are a hybrid strain of the Psilocybin Cubensis species. They are a cross of two very potent mushroom strains, the True Albino teacher  and the Albino Penis Envy. They are new to the psychedelic mushroom scene however they have had a very strong impact due to the psilocybin concentration for the short while they’ve been around. It is rumored that this amazing strain was first crossed (discovered) by Wombat, a psychedelic enthusiast and researcher.


Characteristics of Jack Frost Mushrooms

The following are the main specs of the jack frost mushroom strain;

jack frost Mushroom

jack frost mushroom



 Color : White

Color when dried : White

Potency : Above average

Species : Psilocybe Cubensis

Fruiting bodies :  thick stems, large caps that curls upwards and usually has blue gills

What makes Jack frost mushroom strain special

Despite its recent surfacing in the psychedelic scene, it has since left an impact on the users for its high potency and pristine white color with dry. They are very easy to grow, they don’t need too much work. and the spores can be easily gotten. they have a very good review score on most if not all psychedelic medication platforms. more research is being carried out on it to know the benefits it possesses and to know how effective it can be in the fight against Caner, Depression, Anxiety and other diseases




Must know about JF mushrooms

The spores that come in a print or in a syringe .When they find another spore of the same species they  mate.  A true hybrid is not formed by mixing to strains, rather you form a varietal hybrid. its almost the same but with small differences. The mixing of this spores can produce a variety of combinations or strains which will not always be good. And some will turn out excellently with out of this worlds genetics.

When 2 spores successfully copulate in concert they form a breed. A breed is the genetically sequent of 2 spores unification. Spores form monokaryotic mycelium. 2 monokaryotic hyphae copulate together and beget dikaryotic mycelium. dikaryotic mycelium is a breed. You whitethorn have 100s of strains in a single grow.

If you start with spores each mushroom that grows will be made up of one or many strains, usually many strains. Rarely will a mushroom grown from spore vaccination be an insulate. An insulate is the consequent of fair 2 spores conjugation in concert one breed .When you take a mushroom you grow, you can take some of its inner tissue and put it on a petri dish and it will grow. This mycelium is a clone of the original mushroom. It may be made up of many strains or rarely it will be a isolate single strain. This is one of the best hybrid mushrooms ever croosed, Jack frost mushrooms are friend to all mushrooms enthusiast.




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